Unlike Siwa the designs of the other oases are not unique. Some themes are common. Hand-woven baskets and clay pots are produced for tourists to buy but are also actively used by families in Kharga. In all the oases it is common to find decorative wall paintings on the outside of the houses. Designs can be geometric, based on daily life or show animals. In Kharga there is an added element of a medallion which contains verses from the Koran. There is also some distinctive pottery from Kharga which shows gnome-like figures of men engaged in a variety of activities. Example of this can be seen in the ethnographic museum at Qasr Dakhla.

Also common are the haj paintings which someone who has made the journey to Mecca will proudly paint on their walls showing the method of transport-boat or plane-that they used to reach Saudi Arabia, the Kabba and sometimes a camel or palm tree.